[Telepathy] [Bug 13891] AcceptDBusTube returns NULL with 1-1 D-Bus tube

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Tue Oct 21 07:57:03 PDT 2008


--- Comment #4 from Alban Crequy <alban.crequy at collabora.co.uk>  2008-10-21 07:57:00 PST ---
The spec does not need to change. I have a fix for Gabble:

+/* There is two step to enable receiving a D-Bus connection from the local
+ * application:
+ * - listen on the socket
+ * - add the socket in the mainloop
+ *
+ * We need to know the socket path to return from the AcceptDBusTube D-Bus
+ * call but the socket in the mainloop must be added only when we are ready
+ * to receive connections, that is when the bytestream is fully open with the
+ * remote contact.

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