[Telepathy] [Bug 18172] Add ImplementedInterfaces property to ConnectionManager

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Wed Oct 22 02:20:20 PDT 2008


--- Comment #1 from Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk>  2008-10-22 02:20:19 PST ---
There are two interesting sets of interfaces: those that will always be
implemented by any Connection from this CM (e.g. Avatars in Gabble), and those
that might be implemented, or not, depending on the Connection (e.g. OLPC stuff
in Gabble). I think it's worth distinguishing between the two.

To be maximally informative for clients, we'd have a map from protocol name to
sets of interfaces, e.g. { "xmpp" => (definitely=[AVATARS, ALIASING,
SIMPLE_PRESENCE], maybe=[OLPC_MISC]) }. As connection managers' capabilities
get more advanced, I expect that we'll have more cases where a single CM has
different capabilities depending on the protocol that's requested.

(Use cases for that: in the long term we want Gabble and Salut to be the same
CM, offering "xmpp" and "local-xmpp" protocols; meanwhile, Haze will probably
start to export different interfaces on different protocols.)

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