[Telepathy] tp_cli_connection_manager_run_request_connection(): What parameter types.

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 04:22:00 PDT 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 at 20:29:57 +0100, Murray Cumming wrote:
> The G_TYPE_STRING would be unnecessary, because telepathy-glib should
> know what type to expect for the "account" value. That's what
> GtkTreeModel and similar APIs do.

That's not actually true - the types of some of the connection parameters are
in the spec, but connection managers can also invent their own
parameters (e.g. "old-ssl" in Gabble, which enables legacy SSL support).
It is possible to discover the types via TpConnectionManager (which, behind
the scenes, means over D-Bus or from the .manager file), and indeed
account-creation UIs will need to do this, but that doesn't help you
if you're hard-coding parameters and types into C code.

There'd also be nothing to stop a CM having the wrong type for a
well-known parameter - we'd consider it to be buggy, but that's no
reason to let it crash client code remotely.


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