[Telepathy] tp_cli_connection_manager_run_request_connection(): What parameter types.

Jiri Baum jiri at baum.com.au
Fri Oct 31 06:02:50 PDT 2008


> > > I think you should check for that when initializing the connection
> > > manager. Constraints are good.

> > You can't really do that when initialising the connection manager,
> > because the application doesn't do that - the MC does. The MC might
> > consider a different set of parameters to be "well-known" than your
> > application, so you couldn't rely on that check even if the MC did make
> > it. 

> The telepathy spec (and the telapathy-glib documentation) documents the
> well-known parameters. So those are the ones that should be checked.

I expect this set changes slightly between versions?

I'm fine with the MC checking that the CM is sane (assuming it's not 
expensive, which might depend on the CM). It's just that a defensively 
programmed application shouldn't rely on that check.

> If the application has an idea of parameters that it considers well
> known to it, well that's a different problem.

Well, yeah. Probably not that unusual, though, if you're hard-coding stuff to 
consider the stuff you hard-code to be well-known (at least to yourself).

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