[Telepathy] [jdev] [Standards] Using Jabber in a KDE game

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Thu Sep 4 05:48:13 PDT 2008

Le jeudi 04 septembre 2008 à 12:31 +0100, Alban Crequy a écrit :
> The advantages would be that your users do not need to setup the jabber
> (server name, password) in your game because it reuses the connection
> of the desktop. And that you keep your current protocol, the Telepathy
> framework will be responsible to reach the contact, avoid NAT
> problems, etc.

Furthermore, the Telepathy framework provides a much deeper desktop
integration. For example, your contact can receive a notification "Alice
wants to play foo game with you. <accept> <decline>" and if he accepts
the game is automatically launched and connected to you.
http://cass.no-ip.com/~cassidy/blog/index.php/post/2007/10/21/GTetrinet-through-tubes for a similar demo using Gtetrinet.

Last but not least, by using the Telepathy framework you are not
protocol specific. Tubes are currently implemented in our XMPP (Gabble)
and XMPP link-local (Salut) backends but we could imagine an
implementation using, say, MSN. You won't have to change anything and
your application will gain new protocol support automagically when a new
backend gains tubes support.


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