[Telepathy] Who's really online?

Ted Gould ted at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 4 06:50:13 PDT 2008


As you may or may not know I've been working on integrating IM status
into an applet.  One of the things that we decided is that we wanted the
status icon to disappear when the user isn't running an IM client to
save on screen real estate.  This is causing some trickyness in the
telepathy world.

Basically I'm talking to Mission Control, but if the user puts their IM
client into the state of "Offline" then Mission Control exits.  Which
makes sense.  But, then I end up going to the state of "no IM client."
Which is really incorrect as Empathy could be up and running even though
Mission Control is offline.

Does anyone have ideas on how to distinguish between the states of
"Offline no client" and "Offline with client"?


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