[Telepathy] retromessenger & telepathy

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Mon Sep 15 10:06:51 PDT 2008

Hi Max,

You should think of Telepathy as an API which you can use to interface
client(s) with protocol backend(s) (which we call connection managers).
If you can make use of D-Bus or some of our client libraries from your
UI, you can use that to access any connection manager. So:

a) If you're interested in your own UI which can access multiple
protocols, then you can just write your UI on top of the Telepathy API.
You can then use the protocols supported by libpurple via Telepathy
Haze, which is a connection manager which exposes libpurple protocols
through the Telepathy API.

b) If you're interested in allowing existing Telepathy clients (Empathy,
the Nokia Internet Tablets, Kopete maybe, etc) in using your protocol
implementation, then you can write a connection manager which allows
your protocol to be used via the Telepathy API.

c) If you're interested in both, you can do both, and have your own UI
which will be able to use your own Telepathy connection manager for the
Retroshare protocol, but will also be able to use existing Telepathy

Given that Retroshare is the innovative/new functionality here, which
presumably you'd like to encourage people to use, I'd focus first on b),
and implementing a Telepathy connection manager for this protocol. Then
you can encourage people to use an existing Telepathy UI such as
Empathy. If you have people who are keen to work on the UI, then they
can improve Empathy to the benefit of all of your, as well as all of the
other Telepathy users.


M. Peterson wrote:
> Hello David,
> thanks for the feefback
> we are retromessenger, and use a wxwidgets gui
> retroshare, where the library is from, uses a qt gui.
> Which gui is needed for telepathy?
> We currently have 2 developers interested in a client, maybe gtk gui,
> for retroshare, which should include librpurpole from pidgin.
> Would be telepahty the same?
> Could you imagine to join our project to be the intermediate for
> telefpahty with glib?
> Could you integrate this? would libpurple then be obsoltete? so we are
> free for any gui?
> Regards max.
> On 9/1/08, *Dafydd Harries* <dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
> <mailto:dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk>> wrote:
>     Ar 30/08/2008 am 10:21, ysgrifennodd M. Peterson:
>     > Hello
>     >
>     > i just subscribed to the telepathy mailinglist as we are
>     developing as well
>     > an instant messenger and are interested into the telepathy
>     framework and its
>     > potentials and cpapabilities. You find our project here:
>     >
>     > Http://retromessenger.sf.net <http://retromessenger.sf.net/>
>     >
>     > we use a wxwidget gui, and as well a XUL gui is almost done, qt
>     gui there
>     > are as well 2 developers interested in and a gtk/MFC gui we are
>     currently
>     > looking for.
>     > The messenger is based currently on the serverless libretroshare.
>     >
>     > Our main goal is to make first the wxwidget gui running, then the
>     other guis
>     > and as well to try to port to linux mobile phone openmoko.
>     >
>     > Interesting is now the part, how you have already noticed that
>     messenger
>     > library or how we could integrate telepathy.
>     > A well a sub-SVN is possible for a design layout of a gui like
>     > retromessenger using telepathy.
>     >
>     > so there are two discussions: how to integrate telepathy into a
>     gui of a
>     > messenger and how to integrate the libretroshare into telepathy.
>     In general, to integrate a new protocal into Telepathy, you write a
>     Telepathy
>     connection manager that wraps it. In this case, since libretroshare
>     is C++, I
>     suspect the easiest approach is to use libtelepathy-glib, which does
>     a lot of
>     the work of implementing a CM. It involves a GLib dependency, of
>     course, but
>     it will save you a lot of time.
>     In terms of native C++ Telepathy libraries, there is an effort to make a
>     Qt-based library but I'm not sure how ready it is.
>     --
>     Dafydd
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