[Telepathy] text completion on "new message" dialog box

chantra chantra at debuntu.org
Tue Sep 16 11:06:40 PDT 2008

Hi all,

There is a missing feature IMHO in empathy, which is text completion on
contact names and IDs when using the new  message functionality.
We use Jabber at work on when you have a huge load of contacts, it is a
pain to look through the list to find it.

I started an empathy branch at
http://github.com/chantra/empathy/tree/new-msg-completion that would
enable completion on the gtkEntry widget of
the "new message" box and replace the content with the contact ID when
user selects an item.

Attach to this email is the current patch.

I will appreciate your feedbacks on this.




Debuntu deb's repository

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