[Telepathy] [Bug 17584] Make Media channels requestable using CreateChannel

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--- Comment #1 from Will Thompson <will.thompson at collabora.co.uk>  2008-09-22 11:28:02 PST ---
<smcv> Robot101: wjt and I have agreed what he will implement, he's
       going to post it to the bug
<smcv> Robot101: summary: RequestChannel(CONTACT) -> they are in
       remote-pending and TargetHandle
<smcv> Robot101: RequestChannel(NONE) -> nobody is in remote-pending and
       TargetHandle is 0
<smcv> Robot101: CreateChannel (which requires a CONTACT TargetHandle) ->
       nobody is in remote-pending but TargetHandle is nonzero
<smcv> oh, and finally: incoming channels always have TargetHandleType =
       CONTACT, TargetHandle nonzero, and GetHandle returns nonzero (this
       is a change)

<smcv> Robot101: the remote-pending status of the oldest way to create 
       a channel is negotiable - we can either make it consistent with 
       CreateChannel, or with the past

The main advantage of making remote-pending after RequestChannel(CONTACT)
consistent with the past is that the test suite should continue to pass without
changes.  It's also not hard to implement.

Advantage of making it consistent with CreateChannel: fewer code paths.

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