[Telepathy] empathy/gtkbuilder review

Davyd Madeley davyd.madeley at collabora.co.uk
Sun Apr 5 18:45:55 PDT 2009


Just took a look at the GtkBuilder branch.

A couple of thoughts/points:

      * double unref in empathy-account-widget.c:
      * Room->Manage Favorites is broken, it pops up the edit dialog
        (with a broken Cancel button) when you open it
      * The theme selector combo is empty


        g_object_ref (widget);
        g_object_force_floating (G_OBJECT (widget));
        g_object_unref (gui);

is a tiny bit obscure and is likely to be a mistake that people make
when creating new dialogs in Empathy. Most people will not have seen
anything like this in GTK+ before.

Either we should wrap this in a function empathy_gtk_unref_builder(gui,
toplevel); or better still, in the utility function, we should weakly
reference the top-level widget and unref the builder file when the
widget is destroyed. That way it is still possible to access GtkBuilder
functionality during the lifetime of the widget, and there is no obscure
reference manipulation.


Davyd Madeley

Collabora Ltd., Perth, Australia

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