[Telepathy] SIP for Croatian Vipnet network

Ivan Vučica ivucica at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 09:17:04 PST 2009

Hi guys!

I have tried configuring Telepathy's SIP for use with Croatian GSM provider,
Vipnet. I've tried doing so using Empathy.

This is what I need to set up in Ekiga for the thing to work:

Edit->Preferences->Protocols->SIP Settings->Outbound Proxy:


Edit->Accounts, Accounts->Add a SIP account:

Name: [something]
Registrar: vip.hr
User: username
Authentication user: username at vip.hr
Password: viponlinepassword
Timeout: 3600

Currently I am unable to set up outbound proxy in Empathy. Same thing for
either User+Registrar or AuthenticationUser+Password. Is this a bug in
Telepathy, or should I bug the Empathy guys? :)

And going slightly offtopic.

From what I understand, using Telepathy I should be able to "plug in" to
existing connections created using Empathy. I have absolutely zero
experience with DBus and Telepathy, but I would love to implement it into a
MMORPG client I'm working on ( http://yetanother.tibiaclient.com/ ).
Are there any helpful, simple but complete C examples? Python example on the
wiki doesn't exactly show how to receive or send messages. A simple
printf()+scanf() based example would be of great help. Googling didn't help
Any such example out there?


Ivan Vučica

OBJECT Networks :: www.objectnetworks.net
Cateia Games :: www.cateia.com
Zagrebački računalni savez :: www.zrs.hr
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