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Youness Alaoui youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jun 1 13:39:46 PDT 2009

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Nicolò Chieffo wrote:
> Hello I'm new to the list.
Hi, welcome to our world!

> My name is Nicolò and I use Ubuntu. Since I follow the development
> version, I saw from the blueprints ubuntu site that the next version
> of ubuntu will have empathy integrated, replacing pidgin.
> I'm a bit worried of this, because the msn support here in telepathy
> is at an early stage, and lots of things that pidgin includes are not
> supported by pymsn or telepathy-butterfly (don't know).
Note that telepathy can use two connection managers for your MSN
connection, you could either use telepathy-butterfly which uses papyon
('pymsn' has been renamed to 'papyon') or you could use telepathy-haze
which uses libpurple (pidgin's protocol backend)

> If you are interested on this I will give you a list of basic things
> that are currently unsupported:
>    * Rich text messages (underline, bold, font, ...)
Well, rich text messages do not exist in the msn world basically...
there's only MSN Plus! unofficial addon that adds that kind of stuff,
but a text message can have a custom size/font or underline/bold/italic,
but it will be applied to the whole message.
While I don't really know about libpurple, I know that papyon supports
it.. libpurple also probably does if pidgin supports font config...
However, telepathy does not (from what I've heard), the spec is being
worked on to add that kind of support.

>    * Custom emoticons
papyon supports it, but telepathy doesn't (yet) but it is also being
worked on (same issue as with font support)...

>    * Protocol emoticons
What's protocol emoticons? you mean the default ones? again, it's the
same issue as above..

>    * Chat with invisible users
This should work just fine whether you use papyon or libpurple

>    * Send and receive offline messages
it's supported by telepathy and papyon, however telepathy-butterfly does
not support it (it can be added though), I don't know if telepathy-haze
supports it or not.

>    * See windows live messenger buddy icons (only new versions of 2009)
What's that? if it's avatars, then it's supported of course, however
avatars aren't new, so maybe you're talking about something else..

>    * File transfers
Support for it in papyon and telepathy-butterfly should be added soon, I
don't know about libpurple/telepathy-haze's status though..

> I hope someone can comfort my worries.

Well, you don't need to worry... We are currently giving some love to
the msn support, we've been working on adding webcam AND audio
conferencing support to papyon and telepathy-butterfly so you can enjoy
it soon..
Either way, if it doesn't respond to your needs, you are free to help us
by either sending patches or by filling bugs/feature requests.
And you're also free to just install pidgin or aMSN and enjoy the
features these other clients have... until of course telepathy catches
up with them feature-wise..

I hope this answers your questions!


> Thanks
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