[Telepathy] [Empathy] completion for the new presence chooser

Niv Sardi xaiki at debian.org
Mon Jun 8 13:31:35 PDT 2009

I like the new chooser, but feel these few patches could enhance it a bit.

The whole idea of these patches is to give it a more keyboard friendly
touch (I actually tried to bind a key to select the chooser, but my
GTK skillZ are not l33t enough yet). Basically, you can now select the
text in the combobox, and as you type, the saved states will appear in
the drop down menu. I use it to select my state from keyboard only
(i.e. type Available, Away, Offline).

Patchset can be cut in 3 parts:

1) Cosmetics (I really don't care if they get in)
[PATCH 8/9] Chooser: (cosmetic) change the key handeling from ifs to a switch/case statement
[PATCH 9/9] Chooser: (cosmetics) signals definition, first entry, then chooser

2) Small cleanups (I won't eat ice cream if they don't get in)
[PATCH 6/9] Chooser: no need to check if user is editing to catch GDK_Escape
[PATCH 7/9] Chooser: No need to call create_model in popup_shown

3) Changes to the behaviour (I'll be slightly uppset if they don't get in)
[PATCH 1/9] Chooser: Use gtk_entry_completion to complete in-combo options
[PATCH 2/9] Chooser: factor CellLayout creation code in empathy_chooser_setup_cell_layout
[PATCH 3/9] Chooser: implement match-select
[PATCH 4/9] Chooser: Remove GTK_down,GTK_up (un)handeling in presence_chooser_entry_key_press_event_cb,
[PATCH 5/9] Chooser: map Up and Down to show the menu in the combobox

PS: yes, I should put up a git tree, but I have many... being traveling at the moment I don't have my keys on this laptop, and don't want to setup yet another one...
Niv Sardi

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