[Telepathy] [Empathy] completion for the new presence chooser

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 01:50:50 PDT 2009


I didn't look that your patches yet, but it seems interesting. Could you
please open a bug and attach all your patches there? You can also link
to your git branch if you have public git repository.


Xavier Claessens.

Le mardi 09 juin 2009 à 05:31 +0900, Niv Sardi a écrit :
> I like the new chooser, but feel these few patches could enhance it a bit.
> The whole idea of these patches is to give it a more keyboard friendly
> touch (I actually tried to bind a key to select the chooser, but my
> GTK skillZ are not l33t enough yet). Basically, you can now select the
> text in the combobox, and as you type, the saved states will appear in
> the drop down menu. I use it to select my state from keyboard only
> (i.e. type Available, Away, Offline).
> Patchset can be cut in 3 parts:
> 1) Cosmetics (I really don't care if they get in)
> [PATCH 8/9] Chooser: (cosmetic) change the key handeling from ifs to a switch/case statement
> [PATCH 9/9] Chooser: (cosmetics) signals definition, first entry, then chooser
> 2) Small cleanups (I won't eat ice cream if they don't get in)
> [PATCH 6/9] Chooser: no need to check if user is editing to catch GDK_Escape
> [PATCH 7/9] Chooser: No need to call create_model in popup_shown
> 3) Changes to the behaviour (I'll be slightly uppset if they don't get in)
> [PATCH 1/9] Chooser: Use gtk_entry_completion to complete in-combo options
> [PATCH 2/9] Chooser: factor CellLayout creation code in empathy_chooser_setup_cell_layout
> [PATCH 3/9] Chooser: implement match-select
> [PATCH 4/9] Chooser: Remove GTK_down,GTK_up (un)handeling in presence_chooser_entry_key_press_event_cb,
> [PATCH 5/9] Chooser: map Up and Down to show the menu in the combobox
> Enjoy,
> PS: yes, I should put up a git tree, but I have many... being traveling at the moment I don't have my keys on this laptop, and don't want to setup yet another one...
> --
> Niv Sardi
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