[Telepathy] empathy & adium themes

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 06:40:54 PDT 2009

Le lundi 15 juin 2009 à 15:28 +0200, Nicolò Chieffo a écrit :
> I've recently seen that the adium branch was merged into git master.
> Will you provide a default adium theme?

Maybe... We are missing a way to install/select adium theme. We should
probably look in dirs like $XDG_DATA_DIRS/adium/ and let distributions
package some themes and install them in /usr/share/adium or something
like that.

I don't think Empathy have to include an adium theme itself. But for
example ubuntu could ship a brown adium theme and make empathy package
depend on it?

That's still to be defined.

Xavier Claessens.

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