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--- Comment #3 from Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk>  2009-11-04 06:47:34 PST ---
<sjoerd> mikhailz: hey, about call forwarding, is the timeout before trying
another contact something that's in the protocol in sip or just a convenience
thing ?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: the forwarding timeout is settable in Skype
<sjoerd> mikhailz: how does that work you give it a list of contacts and a
timeout or ?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: it's even hairier: they have a list of contacts and
configurable pause and timeout values for each contact.
<sjoerd> mikhailz: what's pause vs. timeout?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: I can't imagine the use for pause between calling attempts,
so decided not to make it more complicated
<sjoerd> oh right
<sjoerd> so you say, try to forward to smcv for 10s, then pause for 2, try to
forward to cassidy for 5 s then pause for 5 etc etc ?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: maybe it's part of a more generic call script language
<sjoerd> could be
<Robot101> lets embed lua...! :)
<sjoerd> it sounds overly complex indeed
*** Robot101 ducks and runs
<sjoerd> mikhailz: what happens if they all fail? the person forwarding gets
the call back or it pokes you or ?
<sjoerd> i was imagining the forwarding api would leave the what to do if the
forward fails up to the client
<mikhailz> sjoerd: I need to check about that. Probably the original callee
will get a missed call notification
<sjoerd> hrm
<sjoerd> i was hoping that kind of stuff could be controlled by a client
<sjoerd> As in just tell the CM forward to A, if that fails you have a chance
to say then forward to B etc
<sjoerd> without needing the complexity of giving the CM a queue with timeouts
<mikhailz> sjoerd: wrong, in Skype it's fire and forget
<sjoerd> ah, so once you say forward, you're no longer part of the calling
<sjoerd> good to know ;)
<sjoerd> mikhailz: i guess it makes sense to do it that way, do you know how
forwarding works in SIP ?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: You mean REFER? It's far messier affair, for sure
<sjoerd> mikhailz: i guess i mean REFER, yes
<mikhailz> Pekka the Great may know all the details, but AFAIK the referer gets
an implicit event subscription (think wiring a whole new slab of sofia-sip
functionality) to get notified about the forwarded call's progress
<sjoerd> sounds like lots of fun....
<mikhailz> Thinking of turning Empathy into an executive phone?
<mikhailz> empathy --secretary-kiosk-mode &
<sjoerd> Heh
<sjoerd> Well while working on the new media spec we should try to take these
things into account as well
<sjoerd> it'd be cool if empathy could do that kind of stuff as well indeed
<mikhailz> I guess... but forwarding most likely won't mix media between the
different call attempts
<sjoerd> mikhailz: how do you mean?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: so if you've forwarded an incoming call, the streams might
close or be put on hold and there's only some signalling to report on the
forwarded call's progress, if any
<sjoerd> ah right
<sjoerd> yeah, the one-shot vs. the referrer being in the process models are
quite different
<mikhailz> sjoerd: if the CM supports bouncing the call back, the streams
should get reestablished, probably with local pending send so the client could
resume without losing privacy
<sjoerd> mikhailz: yeah
<sjoerd> you'd have to accept it again indeed
<sjoerd> which is a nice challenge
<mikhailz> sjoerd: A forwarded call's Group could remove the self handle for
the duration of the forwarding, and add it back to local pending if the call
gets back
<sjoerd> mikhailz: the new media spec doesn't have the Group interface
<mikhailz> the Call channel will not have a group at all?
<sjoerd> 1-to-1 won't indeed
<mikhailz> sjoerd: then it's perhaps about extending CallState
<sjoerd> yeah
<sjoerd> the tricky bit is which streams you move from pending to sending when
the call comes back
<sjoerd> anyway, that's pondering for another day :)
<sjoerd> I now at least have a better idea of the situations that could arise
<mikhailz> sjoerd: OK, but do regard that other case with a call script and no
<sjoerd> i will
<mikhailz> sjoerd: actually, these are different even on Telepathy level. The
call script would belong to a Connection, and the refer action is for a Call
<mikhailz> so might as well be orthogonal
<sjoerd> mikhailz: surely you'd get the incoming call and then give it a
forwarding call script ?
<mikhailz> sjoerd: not necessarily, the script can be sent to the server side
to act while you are offline
<mikhailz> I'm dimly aware of some cellular network services for that
<sjoerd> mikhailz: right, that's different indeed
<sjoerd> mikhailz: but i assume you can tell some server/service, if there is a
call try calling these guys instead
<mikhailz> again, grab pessi to get things I might know nothing about
<sjoerd> but also when there is an incoming call you tell it, please try
forwarding this call to X, Y, Z
<mikhailz> sjoerd: yes, in some CMs you cannot manage it manually
<mikhailz> sjoerd: you just tell the server or network "please forward this
call using the script I have set before"
<sjoerd> right

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