[Telepathy] Announce: telepathy-gabble 0.9.12

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Thu Jun 3 13:18:03 PDT 2010

The “Show me the face of you” release.

This release supports multi-user Jingle calls! I imagine Sjoerd will 
blog imminently on this glorious advance for humankind; he is trying to 
take a screenshot of Québec, but the maple syrup is clogging the tubes 
or something.


I'm sure you can find the git repository.


• libuuid is now required.


• The capabilities cache now persists on-disk. (daf)

• Multi-user calls are now supported, using the Muji protocol! Frabjous
   day, etc. Empathy does not yet support multi-user calls; there's a
   test client written in Python, but you'll need bleeding-edge Farsight
   to run it. (sjoerd, Maiku)

• Support the /info contact attribute for ContactInfo. (andrunko)

• XMPP keepalives are now sent and acked; this fixes the biggest
   remaining regression from 0.8! (ptlo)

• When making outgoing calls, Gabble now prefers to call resources which
   claim to be phones. (fd.o#28265, wjt)

• The current draft of SASL authentication channels is implemented,
   allowing channel handlers to support SASL mechanisms like
   X-GOOGLE-TOKEN. As a result, 'account' and 'password' are now optional
   connection parameters, since SASL mechanisms such as ANONYMOUS (see
   XEP-0175) require neither. (eeejay, danni)


• From Wocky:
   › Don't treat error replies from PEP nodes as PEP updates. (fd.o#28232,
   › Don't drop backlog messages from former members of MUCs. (fd.o#27913,

• Blocked contacts are no longer accidentally unblocked if you remove
   them from the 'stored' list. (fd.o#20597, wjt)

• Gabble MailNotification.RequestInboxURL no longer returns an empty
   string in some situations (fd.o#27157, stormer)

• Various fixes for issues found by Coverity (wjt)


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