[Telepathy] How could i make libtelepathy-qt4-dev from source code

Danielle Madeley danielle.madeley at collabora.co.uk
Thu Jun 3 23:45:12 PDT 2010

Hi Tom,

libtelepathy-qt4-dev is the name of a Debian/Ubuntu software package,
not the name of something in the source tree. When the software is
packaged, the packager separates out the runtime components (libraries)
from the development headers and put them into libtelepathy-qt4 and
libtelepathy-qt4-dev respectively.

When you do a `make install` from the source tarball, it will install
both the libraries and the headers. This will be sufficient to build any
further source, since all the files are present; but will not be
sufficient to build a Debian/Ubuntu package, which will specifically
check if the libtelepathy-qt4-dev package is installed.

How files are separated between the two packages is controlled by the
debian/*.install files:

Hope this helps,

On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 10:25 +0800, Tom Chen wrote:
> Hello, 
>      i make & install TelepathyQt4 in Maemo, i just got
> libtelepathy-qt4. i notice that libtelepathy-qt4-dev providing by
> other platform, i.e. ubuntu. In TelepathyQt4 source, i'm not find
> useful information for that. So, my question is how could i make
> libtelepathy-qt4-dev form source?
> Br
> Tom Chen
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