[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: introducing telepathy-ring

Nicolò Chieffo nicolo.chieffo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 00:57:21 PDT 2010

Are there plans for android too?

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 2:11 AM, Frederik Nnaji <frederik.nnaji at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nice!
> On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 12:38, Lassi Syrjala <lassi.syrjala at nokia.com> wrote:
>> Telepathy-ring is a Telepathy Connection Manager for GSM telephony. It was
>> originally written by Pekka Pessi and is currently used on the Nokia N900.
>> Telepathy-ring has now been ported to Ofono <http://www.ofono.org>, and
>> the source code for the 2.x.x series is available under the LGPL.
>> The project is hosted at:
>> http://meego.gitorious.org/meego-cellular/telepathy-ring
>> Regards,
>> Lassi
> So i can finally receive and send packets via GSM!
> SMS and  calls, as well as missed calls.
> No need to walk with my phone, i just take my netbook along with me.
> Who's gonna smother this into my DE ? i'd love to do testing on my Netbook!
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