[Telepathy] Telepathy Folks progress..

Travis Reitter travis.reitter at collabora.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 08:39:21 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 02:38 +0200, Frederik Nnaji wrote:
> hi there list

Hi Frederik!

> does anyone know about the status of the Folks project, formerly known
> as "People" ?

Folks is coming along nicely. I've avoided making too much, since it's
not quite ready for public consumption. But I'm hoping to make an
initial release soon (on the order of weeks).

By the way, the People Project was an unrelated project (which I didn't
work on).

> I would like to start outlining ideas around GNOME based contact
> management and how to include that in "Send to" and "Cardapio" for
> example..

Rodrigo Moya said he was interested in writing an Evolution Data Server
back-end for libfolks. You might want to help out on that if you'd like
to do contact management (since we'll need a writable back-end to be
able to save changes to contacts, etc.).

> who knows something on Folks?

There's general info on Folks here:


Hope that helps,

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