[Telepathy] ssh over telepathy?

Ivan Vučica ivucica at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 16:26:53 PDT 2010

On 14. ožu. 2010., at 22:56, Danielle Madeley wrote:
> It seems to me that you're much better serviced by just using Telepathy
> on those platforms, 

... and I would ordinarily agree with you, but ...

> It would be easy enough to package Gabble, Mission Control and D-Bus up
> into a package that can just be installed.

aside from potentially adding extra dependencies for a simple game, consider that DBUS and Telepathy are system services. When distributing a small game (let's say tic-tac-toe), is it nice to require user to install extra services? Especially when the game is very small and should not require such things -- when establishing multiplayer over XMPP is convenience? A large convenience, but still just that -- a convenience?

Still, I greatly admire the work being done on Telepathy (which is why I'm stalking on this list) and I like the excellent concept behind Telepathy. But in the scenario I laid out, I think creating a small and very simple embedded client is better than using Telepathy on platforms where Telepathy is not a natural citizen.

Of course, where Telepathy is available, it is, of course, the best possible way to do things since no unnecessary new connections are required, no extra configuration of accounts, and much work is delegated to a service.  

Therefore, a knowledge of how establishing Telepathy tubes would be of great help, were one to write such a game :-)


Ivan Vučica

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