[Telepathy] Telepathy-gtk roadmap

Thomas H.P. Andersen phomes at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 08:05:37 PDT 2010


With all the telepathy-based ideas for gsoc in
live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2010/Ideas I was hoping that we could
create a roadmap for making telepathy-gtk a reality. I would much
rather point a potential student to telepathy-gtk and ask them to
implement a needed feature or binding there instead of creating
project and language specific contact selectors like last year.

You devs probably know best what should go into telepathy-gtk and how
best to do it. What I was hoping to have was something like:
- Implement a drop down widget with contacts. You probably want to do
this using api x/y/z
- Presence indication. You probably want to do this using api x/y/z
- Only show contacts with needed contact capabilities. Use api x/y/z,
look at example foo
- Add contact avatars
- Filter contacts on supported CM's
etc etc

A students proposal for telepathy integration i gnome-games could then
be split into two parts. Improve tp-gtk with features 1, 2, and x from
the roadmap + add multiplay support for game foo using widgets from
tp-gtk. I think that it would both make it a easier for students to
collaborate on common functionality and also send a clear message that
we want the relevant parts to created in a way that can be accepted

Is there an official repo for the work that has already been done on
tp-gtk? If there are any easy bugs to fix in the existing code it
might be nice to point students to that for the obligatory patch
required from students in GNOME part of gsoc.

- Thomas Andersen

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