[Telepathy] h264 video

Bas van den Berg bberg at mail.altenpts.nl
Wed Oct 6 04:08:28 PDT 2010

We're trying to get a video stream from a SIP camera with h264 video. From my understanding
telepathy should provide the decoder information out-of-band and pass it to the Gstreamer plugin
using the caps 'codec_data=..'. However, what we observe is:

dsp gstdspbase.c:1118:sink_event:<dspvdec0>^[[00m event: newsegment
dsp gstdspvdec.c:1229:sink_setcaps:<dspvdec0>^[[00m sink caps: video/x-h264
dsp gstdspbase.c:994:init_node:<dspvdec0>^[[00m src caps: video/x-raw-yuv, format=(fourcc)UYVY, framerate=(fraction)0/1
** Message: Element error: couldn't start node2 -- (null)

So the decoder only gets 'video/x-h264' as caps.
In case of gst-dsp, the decoder can't get the correct info from the stream somehow and
so no decoding is done.

Anyone else got any experience with h264 video streaming with telepathy (Omap3 btw)?
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