[Telepathy] "Denying a contact" Bug in Empathy

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Wed Oct 13 03:53:43 PDT 2010


*Problem statement :*

If there is an incoming friendship request from a Yahoo ID, to our Signed in
Yahoo account on Empathy client,
On 'Denying' the request, the alert disappears. However, if we logout and
login again, the request reappears.

Has anyone else observed this issue ? If no, then am confused :)

*My understanding :*

In libpurple to deny an incoming friendship request, below procedure has
been observed :

1) Compilation of telepathy-haze needs to be done with the below option :
   " --enable-leaky-request-stubs "

This would set 'request ui ops' by calling the function
purple_request_set_ui_ops ( ), in telepathy-haze-0.3.4/src/main.c within the
function haze_ui_init ( )

When the friendship request is denied :

2) A call is made to yahoo_buddy_add_deny_reason_cb which will trigger UI to
show an additional alert, so that user can enter his 'reason string'
    for denying the friendship request

3) Currently, in Empathy, this alert never comes up, since it is not
communicated from 'telepathy-haze' to the Empathy client, through any dbus
    (In Pidgin, this alert is being shown)

4) If somehow, we make sure (by a tweak), that a callback is called for
either 'Ok' or 'Cancel' (just like in the case of Pidgin),
    then in the final callback, only 'DEBUG' print statements are placed.

5) There needs to be an additional call, to actually send a request to Yahoo
server, preparing a packet with appropriate yahoo protocol syntax
    which looks something like this :

In file telepathy-haze-0.3.4/src/request.c , in function haze_request_input
( ) :

<after the DEBUG statements, place the below line>
( (PurpleRequestInputCb) ok_cb) (user_data, "<Reason for denying, given by

Doing the above, has solved the problem for me. Can anyone suggest if there
is a better way ? Or this bug fix is already
underway for the next haze release ?

Kindly do let me know, if there is any work around already in place, for
Empathy later releases. Am using Empathy, which is pretty old,
coming with Ubuntu Lucid

Thanks in advance!
Best wishes
Uday Kiran
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