[Telepathy] how to start a audio (or video) the right way?

Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Mon Oct 18 18:45:50 PDT 2010



I wrote mycontacts ( http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=57162 ) for
maemo5 (n900) and until today thought had figure out just enough of
telepathy to initiate "calls". 


To start an audio call I used: 


    QVariantMap request;
    // audio works
".TargetHandleType"), (uint) Tp::HandleTypeContact);
    request.insert(QLatin1String(TELEPATHY_INTERFACE_CHANNEL ".TargetID"),
".Type.StreamedMedia.InitialAudio"), true);

    return account.data()->ensureChannel(request);


To initiate a video call I added to the previous code: 


".Type.StreamedMedia.InitialVideo"), true);


.. and assumed everything was fine. 


With the code above I am able to successfully initiate audio calls with
"cellular" (tel/ring), sip and TOR.  Also, I am able to place audio calls
with skype to "skype accounts" and apparently was working for skype video


But today a user, "Uvatbc", pointed out to me that he couldn't use the
application to call phone numbers using spirit/skype (apparently I had never
tried myself). After few (or several) e-mails we figured out that after
removing "InitialAudio" we were also able to place calls to phone numbers
using spirit.


After checking the documentation
itialAudio) he found that "InitialAudio" and "InitialVideo" SHOULD be
ignored by the connection manager if passed to ensureChannel.


They are not ignored by spirit/skype at all and oddly enough they seem to
affect how the channel was created just as one would expect/hope
(initialvideo=video) - but after apparently starting as expected it fails! 


When InitialAudio is included the call to a skype account (e.g. fcrochik)
works fine; a call to a phone number (e.g. +155511223344) will fail with
"unable to establish connection" message after apparently starting to dial.
When InitialVideo is included we get the skype video call window to show up
but it fails before the connection is completed. It is clear that
InitialVideo and InitialAudio are not ignored at all. 


So the questions are:

In order to start an audio call should I just remove the "InitialAudio"
line? It seems to work for every case.. 

How should I proceed to start a video call? Can I do that using
ensureChannel? (I have not tried to remove InitialAudio but leave
InitialVideo. it would not make sense according to the documentation but
would not surprise me if it works).


I would imagine that spirit/skype NOT ignoring the InitialAudio and
InitialVideo is considered a bug but don't have any idea where to report.
Should I report anywhere?


Thanks in advance,

Felipe Crochik

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