[Telepathy] Doubt regarding Jingle file transfer over ICE

udayjandhyala at gmail.com udayjandhyala at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 07:10:10 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I have a doubt about the way telepathy-gabble implements jingle file
Please correct me if my below understanding is wrong :

- Basically for solving NAT problem, libnice is used
- As part of ICE protocol, for gathering 'candidate' transport addresses, we
need STUN / TURN servers
- for this purpose, why should telepathy-gabble trigger "
http://relay.google.com:80/create_session " ??

inside jingle-factory.c , libsoup APIs are used to make a HTTP GET request
to the above URL, with headers "X-Talk-Google-Relay-Auth" &

In response, we get a list of TURN/STUN server IPs & Ports etc.

Instead of this method, why can't we use what the below XML Stanza returns :

Request stanza :
<iq type="get" to="user at gmail.com" id="135485202046"><query

Response stanza :
<iq to="user at gmail.com/16b4cb7b" from="user at gmail.com" id="135485202046"
type="result"><query xmlns="google:jingleinfo"><stun><server host="
stun.l.google.com" udp="19302"/><server host="stun3.l.google.com"
udp="19302"/><server host="stun2.l.google.com" udp="19302"/><server host="
stun1.l.google.com" udp="19302"/><server host="stun4.l.google.com"
host="relay.google.com" udp="19295" tcp="19294"

Kindly point to me, if there is a different way to understand...

Uday Kiran
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