[Telepathy] QMLizing telepathy-qt4

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Wed Oct 27 05:56:55 PDT 2010

Hi Mateu,

Just a drive-by remark on part of your mail.

On 20/10/10 02:57, Mateu Batle wrote:
> * Conversation Model. Basically a list of messages of the conversation
> with a contact with texts, timestamps, contact.
> * Add "non-user messages" to the conversation model, not sure how they are called in tp world.
> I mean things like X joined the conversation, Call started at hh:mm,
> Call ended at hh:mm duration hh:mm, X FIle being transfered, etc.
> These require also a timestamp, contact, the type of non-user message,
> and probably extra information depending on the type (duration of calls, filename on file transfers, etc.).
> All IM applications show this basically, so it makes sense to have this in TP-QT4.
> It should be possible to filter (model filters) which ones we want to see for example.
> I think having them in the conversation model makes easier for QML IM apps to use them.
> These non-user messages would be for any channels related with a contact (/ group conversation),
> including file transfers, audio and video calls, text chat.
> The proper string to show for the non-user message is probably application specific.
> Also probably the IM application want to show with a different UI each of these events,
> but all in the same log. For example, showing accept / reject on an ongoing file transfer, etc.

I think it would be nice to implement this using a class that people 
could use without necessarily using the conversation model. My initial 
thought was that this should be an optional feature on Tp::Contact: so 
if you enabled the NonUserMessages feature (which would need a better 
name) on a Tp::Contact then you'd get signals for these kinds of events.

But David Laban pointed out that on some protocols you can send files 
and make calls to group chats, not just to individuals. Maybe that's 
part of an argument for glueing this information onto the channel class 

(I assume that your conversation model is intended to be based on 
Tp::TextChannel? Can Tp::TextChannel not be used directly? I guess not, 
if you want to integrate logging.)


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