[Telepathy] Audio/video with MSN protocol

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Thu Sep 9 00:33:16 PDT 2010

Le mercredi 08 septembre 2010 à 18:17 +0900, Yann a écrit :
> Dear all,

Hi Yann,

> I saw that audio/video was re-enabled recently for the MSN protocol,
> but some users reported on the forum that it does not work.
> I suppose there is a good reason for re-enabling this support : in
> which conditions should we expect the MSN audio/video to be usable or
> not ?
> (if the protocol does not change again of course..)

I'm not a MSN expert (Louis-Francis is the one to ask) but I think we
can safely assume that if it doesn't work properly that's a bug :)
In such case could you please open a telepathy-butterfly bug on
bugs.freedesktop.org with a good description of the failing case (which
clients involved, etc) and attach butterfly and empathy logs.

Be sure to have the latest version of papyon (0.5.0) and butterfly
(0.5.13) installed.

Louis-Francis: btw, I see there is a lot of new commits since 0.5.13,
could be good to have a release.

Thanks for your help,


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