[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: folks 0.6.6

Travis Reitter travis.reitter at collabora.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 16:56:53 PST 2011

libfolks 0.6.6 is now available for download from:


libfolks 0.6.6 — It matters to me that you're impressed.

Libfolks pulls together contacts from any number of accounts supported
by the libfolks backends. This release includes a number of backends,
including Telepathy, evolution-data-server, libsocialweb, Tracker, and
a simple key-file backend.

The 0.6.x series is API and ABI stable and corresponds to the GNOME 3.2
release. We will continue in the 0.6.x for the foreseeable future,
until we need to make further API or ABI breaks (which we don't
anticipate at this time). We will make an announcement when we
officially commit to API/ABI stability for the project as a whole.

See the NEWS file for details on every break we made before 0.6.0. In
future releases, we will have example programs that will be kept
up-to-date with the latest API as well.

For more information, see the Folks wiki page:

Reference documentation is available here:

Overview of changes from libfolks 0.6.5 to libfolks 0.6.6
Bugs fixed:
* Bug 664158 — Stale log handler can cause segfault when re-creating
  Aggregator in a single run
* Bug 663889 — crash due to NameDetails which fail to guarantee
  non-null full-name/nickname
* Bug 665039 — Crash in folks_backends_sw_backend_add_service
* Bug 665728 — TpfPersonaStore: prepare() isn't mutually exclusive
  inside a single thread
* Bug 665692 — Use constructors correctly
* Bug 665376 — Add API to get a TpfPersona from a TpContact

API changes:
* Add Edsf.PersonaStore.source
* Make Edsf.Persona.contact writeable on construct (previously private
* Make Edsf.Persona.contact_id writeable on construct (previously
  private setter)
* Add Swf.PersonaStore.service
* Make Swf.Persona.lsw_contact writeable on construct (previously
  private setter)
* Add Trf.Persona.tracker_id
* Add Trf.Persona.cursor
* Make AbstractFieldDetails.value writeable on construct (previously
  just a normal setter)
* Make AbstractFieldDetails.parameters writeable on construct
  (previously just a normal setter)
* Add ObjectCache.type_id
* Add ObjectCache.id
* Add Tpf.PersonaStore.dup_for_account() and

libfolks and depend upon core GNOME libraries (GLib, GIO, etc.), as well
as the recent releases of Vala and gobject-introspection.

The Telepathy backend also requires a recent release of telepathy-glib,
built to include its Vala bindings.

The EDS backend also requires a recent release of evolution-data-server,
built to include its Vala bindings.

The Tracker backend requires a recent version of Tracker.

The Libsocialweb backend requires a recent version of libsocialweb,
built to include the Vala bindings.

For any questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., please refer to
the Telepathy mailing list or #telepathy on Freenode.
For bug reports, please file them against the GNOME Bugzilla module

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