[Telepathy] Changes to buildbot

Alvaro Soliverez alvaro.soliverez at collabora.co.uk
Thu Dec 22 05:28:00 PST 2011

over the last month or so, I've been working on buildbot issues (sponsored by 
Collabora). I've been informing about my progress in the IRC channel, but 
since not all of you are there, I thought it would be good to send this 

Quick digress: buildbot is a server that builds a project (for instance, 
Telepathy-gabble), every time a new commit is pushed to git. It builds, runs 
tests, and displays the result. Telepathy buildbot is at 

Here are the latest changes:
- Added new projects to buildbot: telepathy-haze, telepathy-qt4, farsight2, 
telepathy-farsight, telepathy-ytstenut, ytstenut-plugins, ytstenut-glib, 
empathy, telepathy-spec
- By default, all projects run make distcheck, instead of make check
- If available, code coverage is executed.  (Currently working on a definitive 
solution to display full coverage reports)
- Telepathy-spec docs are generated and uploaded to buildbot master. Latest 
version is always available at http://buildbot.telepathy.im/spec/index.html
- Test logs are now displayed in the same step as the tests, instead of 
performing a cat in a latter step
- The IRC bot went through several modifications as well:
         - Only failed builds are reported now, and only when there's someone 
to "blame". (eg. forced builds do not get reported in IRC)
         - Failed builds show the committers involved in the change, and a 
link to the build log. PLEASE: update your IRC if possible to notify when your 
email is mentioned. The IRC bot shows email address. It has no way to know 
which address corresponds to an IRC nick.
        - All in all, this should lead to less information overflow and less 
false positives.
- On the performance area, scripts have been optimized where possible, and git 
repos are updated every time, instead of doing a full git init for every 
build, as previously. That should help reduce some of the stress on the build 
slaves, which is a main concern given the increased number of projects running 
on them.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any doubts, or if you are annoyed by 
some of the changes.


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