[Telepathy] Bugs from Ubuntu

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Wed Feb 9 00:03:49 PST 2011

Le mardi 08 février 2011 à 14:10 -0500, Brian Curtis a écrit :
> Hi empathy/telepathy devs/contributors,

Hi Brian,

> I have a simple question, but I hope I can gather some useful
> information from your viewpoint (upstream) in order to better our
> (Ubuntu) quality of bug reports.

First let me thank you for the work you're doing to forward bugs to us.
Ubuntu is by far the distribution from which I receive the most bugs;
that's really really useful to me to known about regressions and nasty

> The question: What can we do to better our bug reports?

The current situation is not too bad, but there is certainly room for

- Picking the right component. I receive a lot of Empathy bugs which are
actually connection manager bugs (tp-butterfly or tp-haze most of the
time). Suchs bugs should be reported directly to bugs.freedesktop.org
and not on the GNOME's bugzilla. I understand that the Empathy/Telepathy
architecture is a bit complex and it's not always easy to know the
component being faulty for a bug, but in general if the answer to "Do
you observe this issue with other protocols?" is no, there is good
chances that's a Telepathy bug rather than an Empathy one.

- Crashers without stack trace. I doesn't happen that much tbh, but a
good trace when reporting a crasher is a must have to us. Thanks to
launchpad's awesome retracing service, I can generally find a trace in a
comment on the LP bug but having it pasted in the first post would be

- No logs. For a lot of bugs, logs are needed to help us understanding
the issue. Logs can easily be gathered from the Help -> Debug menu in
Empathy, always having them attached when a bug is forwarded would save
us a lot of time.
I started writing an apport hook to automatically gather logs when
reporting an Empathy bug [1]. It has been discussed at the UDS in
"Brussels" to integrate it at some point, but according to the blueprint
it seems to have been delayed again.

Thanks again!


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/431081

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