[Telepathy] Telepathy repositories moved to freedesktop.org!

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd.simons at collabora.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 02:50:37 PST 2011


I promised a long time ago that i would move the various Telepathy
repositories. This has now finally happened \o/. We have only moved the
active projects (e.g. not tp-inspector and tp-yafono). 

For the full list of repositories see:

The also means that we should start applying our new comitter policy:

The important open issue is to document the current list of comitters
and reviewers. Which basically needs someone to go through the various
projects and document the status quo.

Note that the old repositories on git.collabora.co.uk are currently
read-only and will be removed later this week.
Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd.simons at collabora.co.uk>
Collabora Ltd.

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