[Telepathy] client/service package for forwarding miscellaneous ports?

Zac Medico zmedico at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 21:44:01 PST 2011


I'm looking for client/service package similar to the existing
ssh-contact package [1], but for the purpose of forwarding miscellaneous
ports. The service should include a way to control which contacts are
allowed to forward which ports. Is anyone aware if something like this
already exists, or is anyone interested in working on something like
this? I'd be willing to start a project like this myself, if necessary.

Also, I'd like it to be possible for one person logged into two
different computers simultaneously (with the same jid but different
resources) to use this package to forward ports between these two
computers. I was hoping that Connection.Interface.Resources might be
useful for this purpose [2]. Can anyone comment on the feasibility of this?

[1] http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/SSH-Contact


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