[Telepathy] telepathy-sofiasip parameters

Florian Reinhard florian.reinhard at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 29 07:56:50 PST 2011


I'm working on a telepathy-accounts-kcm plugin for telepathy-sofiasip and the 
in-code documentation of the provided configuration parameters are not 
sufficient for me to be able to produce a sane configuration UI. Therefore 
some questions concerning telepathy-sofiasip's parameters:

discover-stun, stun-server, stun-port:
In the code i found that discover-stun is ignored if stun-server is set, 
therefore if a user sets discover-stun to TRUE stun-server needs to be empty 
to make this configuration work?

local-ip-address / local-port:
what are these used for, are they overriden by anything, does discover-binding 
affect this?

proxy-host / port / transport:
does proxy-host need to have the format "sip:<FQDN/IP>"?
is transport really related to the proxy?

extra-auth-user / extra-auth-password:
what are extra authentication challenges?

since i do not exactly know how sip NAT traversal works, i guess that stun, 
proxy and discover-binding (which seems to make sofiasip use natify and rport) 
exclude another?
Are Natify and rport being used if there is a STUN server?


Florian Reinhard

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