[Telepathy] Investigating QML + Telepathy

Bilhanan Silverajan Bilhanan.Silverajan at tut.fi
Thu Jul 28 03:27:16 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to discover telepathy's message handling capabilities 
with the final intention of integrating it with Qt's QML.

My strategy is to first experiment with building a simple text-based chat 
client using Salut and going through the developer's guide. I found an 
example: gnio-sender.c which sends files to other clients over bonjour. I 
intended to first understand how to use the framework with the 
glib-based examples (in C or C++) and then create a qml ui to work with 

Am I doing this wrong? I thought gnio.sender.c would be a great starting 
point, but looking deeper into the documented function calls, several of 
them are already deprecated. I've gone through the developer manual and 
Telepathy-Qt4 examples several times, but I cannot appear to find the 
simplest neccessary information (ie how to get a list of contacts, how to 
send and receive messages etc). Which function calls/classes should I be 
focusing on?

I hope someone can provide a few pointers as to where I can look. Whatever 
I learn, I could publish it somewhere for others who want to learn 
Telepathy to look at, as well. It'll be great if that happens.

Thanks for all your advice,

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