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Thanks Dannielle for this again very interesting information!
> I copy direct also to Cesar who initiated this discussion (and who was
> accidently dropped from the send list for the previous round) and to Peter
> Korn and some other friends in the AEGIS project group. We won't be able to
> take on any development around this within AEGIS, but it will be
> interesting to keep this in mind in the planning for follow-up actions
> further on.

I wanted to mention that Cesar had indicated in the beginning that he might
not be able write the  new API for telepathy since his company might not
wish to become involved in a new development area. If that is the case, I
wanted to mention that this might be a good candidate for a student project
through GSoC or the Womens Outreach program project. I can't personally
judge the relative difficulty of such a project or how much work it would
take, but I wanted to mention this in case it might be helpful. Danielle
has worked with interns from these programs in the past, so she might be
able to judge the relevence of my suggestion. Joanmarie Diggs has also
mentored, ane may therefore be able to provide some feedback if Cesar
thinks that might be a good way forward for him.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention this (I myself became involved in GNOME
through the Womens Outreach prgram last summer, so I think it is a
wonderful resource for finding contributors!).

Best wishes,
Meg Ford

> -----Danielle Madeley <danielle.madeley at collabora.co.uk> skrev: -----
> On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 23:19 +0200, Mats Lundälv wrote:
> > Thanks both for this interesting information about the preconditions
> > for graphics in IM! The XEP-0231
> > specs look quite promising (to an amateur in the techy field, as I
> > am)!
> To me, this seems like the way forward. It's worth noting that Empathy
> is modular, and so a different chat component could be used to provide a
> palette of images, or something, for people who wish to chat this way,
> which would prepare a message using inline graphics that any user could
> view.
> This would require some work in Telepathy-Gabble and Empathy to support
> rich-text messages (which we want to do eventually anyway).
> > Another question then: Is there any support currently for Ruby
> > Annotation  in any of these IM protocols?
> > If not; Are there any discussions going on concerning this afayk?
> Not as far as I know, however, this is an XML specification (as is
> XMPP), and XMPP is designed to be extensible, so it would probably not
> be too difficult to draft a XEP (extension to XMPP) to support it. We've
> implemented our own feature drafts in Telepathy-Gabble before (Tubes,
> Muji), so I don't think another would hurt. It would allow two Telepathy
> users to chat together (assuming their UIs understood the message type).
> Other chat programs could choose to implement the XEP too.
> --danni
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