[Telepathy] tp_account_manager_dup() returns null

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:09:42 PDT 2011


I'm a newbie at telepathy-glib. I'm trying to write a program that sends
mpd song status to Empathy. The current source can be found here[1]

I'm having some trouble with the "setting presence in Empathy" bit. 
The related source files are[2] and [3].

The tp_account_manager_dup method returns null causing the prepare_async
etc methods to fail. Can someone please have a peek and suggest
corrections to my code?

I get the following when I run my code:

> [ankur at ankur mpdE]$ ./src/mpde
> Damn! it's null
> (process:3368): tp-glib-CRITICAL **: tp_proxy_prepare_async: assertion `TP_IS_PROXY (self)' failed
> (process:3368): tp-glib-CRITICAL **: tp_account_manager_set_all_requested_presences: assertion `TP_IS_ACCOUNT_MANAGER (manager)' failed

To try the code out, please clone the git repo (it's really tiny), and
run ./configure && make

The executable will be ./src/mpde

[1] https://gitorious.org/mpde/mpde/trees/master/src
[2] https://gitorious.org/mpde/mpde/blobs/master/src/NowPlaying.cpp
[3] https://gitorious.org/mpde/mpde/blobs/master/src/NowPlaying.h
Ankur: "FranciscoD"


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