[Telepathy] Announce: telepathy-gabble 0.13.6

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 10:46:46 PDT 2011

The “grab yourself a bottle” release.

tarball: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-gabble/telepathy-gabble-0.13.6.tar.gz
signature: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-gabble/telepathy-gabble-0.13.6.tar.gz.asc
git: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-gabble


• Video-capable Android phones are now considered to be video-capable by
  Gabble. (fd.o#36996, Olivier Crête)

• Gabble now informs Google UIs that we have a camera connected if we
  have any video-capable user interfaces. While this is not strictly
  accurate, it's an improvement: they now show a little camera icon for
  us. (fd.o#40471, Olivier Crête)

• Google proxy support—and hence the libsoup dependency—is now optional.
  (fd.o#40537, Mikhail Zabaluev)

• Gabble no longer support the legacy Presence API. This reduces D-Bus
  traffic, particularly during login. (fd.o#40598, Will Thompson)

• Gabble now signals all aliases from the roster in a single
  AliasesChanged signal. This *dramatically* reduces D-Bus traffic
  during login on services like Facebook. (fd.o#40943, Marco Barisione)


• Joining a password-protected chat room where someone else already has
  the nickname you wanted to use—a pretty obscure scenario—now works
  again. (fd.o#39790, Will Thompson)

• Closing a Call channel immediately after it is created—specifically,
  before the Google relay server has had a chance to reply—no longer
  crashes Gabble. (fd.o#39768, Will Thompson)

• The Google Talk setting controlling the sending of mail notifications
  is now explicitly enabled if a client is interested in mail
  notifications. (fd.o#40565, Jussi Kukkonen)

Take care,

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