[Telepathy] Heads up: E-D-S API breaks coming soon

Matthew Barnes mbarnes at redhat.com
Sun Apr 29 09:41:31 PDT 2012


I wanted to give some early warning about some significant API breaks
coming soon in Evolution-Data-Server which is going to break the E-D-S
backend in libfolks and will require some possibly significant rework.

I expect to be merging an E-D-S branch called 'account-mgmt' some time
during 3.5, though I don't yet know exactly when.  The branch completely
changes the way E-D-S stores and manages account information.  It moves
the account data out of GConf to plain text files and adds a new D-Bus
service and client-side API for accessing the data.

I plan to post a migration guide to the Evolution wiki soon but have not
yet started it.  I do however have some other reference material posted.

Overview of the new file format:

The new libedataserver API manual:

Not for lack of trying, but unfortunately I don't yet know Vala well
enough to provide a patch myself.  But I'm happy to assistant whomever
is maintaining the E-D-S backend if they wish to start adapting it
early, perhaps on a branch.  The new APIs are fairly stable at this
point, as I've been fine-tuning them for over a year and have Evolution
fully adapted to use it.  I *think* I have them properly annotated for
language bindings but may need some assistance there.

If you have questions you can find me on the #evolution channel of
GimpNet IRC as mbarnes.

Matthew Barnes

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