[Telepathy] Telepahy Logger does not work at all

Daniel Tkatch ml at versiforma.net
Mon Mar 5 01:55:47 PST 2012

Hello Danni,

Thanks for the reply!

The logger is installed and running. Running it in the debug mode as you 
suggested did not bring much useful/suspicious output.

Maybe only the following:

(telepathy-logger:6720): tp-logger-DEBUG: on_channel_invalidated_cb:  
tp_dbus_errors_quark #8 Channel was closed
(telepathy-logger:6720): tp-logger-DEBUG: 
_tpl_observer_unregister_channel: Unregistering channel path 
(telepathy-logger:6720): tp-logger-DEBUG: tpl_text_channel_finalize:  
gabble/jabber/pterion_40gmail_2ecom_2f22447f65/ImChannel14: finalizing 
channel 0x2004030

Could this be the cause? What should I do?


On 03/04/2012 11:35 PM, Danielle Madeley wrote:
> That is the right place to file a bug.
> It's worth checking obvious things, like that the logger is installed,
> and that you can run it from the command line.
> Try TPL_DEBUG=all TPL_PERSIST=1 /usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-logger
> (I think that's where it's installed in Debian)
> You can also look at the debug log for Mission Control to see if it's
> saying anything useful.
> --danni

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