[Telepathy] Request for "Hello World" program for XMPP-Link-Local

Ajay Garg ajaygargnsit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 09:46:58 PDT 2012

Hi all.

I am a newbie to telepathy, and am really interested by the use-cases it
has to offer.
I have worked in DBUS before (on NetworkManager APIs).

However, I have failed to find any startup "Hello World" programs for

I will be highly grateful if someone could please point me to the links for
writing a "Hello World" Client for XMPP-Link-Local; and the corresponding
"Hello World" Server for XMPP-Link-Local (if at all there is a distinction
between client and server here :-) )
More specifically, I wish to have "machine 1" notified of coming online of
"machine 2" on the same network; and vice versa.

Looking forward to a reply.

Thanks and Regards,
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