[Telepathy] Folks status, the addressbook problem

Travis Reitter travis.reitter at collabora.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 11:57:45 PDT 2012

On Tue, 2012-10-30 at 17:34 +0100, Xavier Claessens wrote:

> > >  * Individual uid: there are 2 cases, does it have just one Persona or more?
> > >    - just one: use its persona uid.
> > >    - more than one: use a uuid and keep it in the DB.
> > 
> > Does this mean that if I have you as an XMPP contact, and then I add you
> > to my Evolution address book, your Individual ID changes from
> > telepathy:blahblah to urn:uuid:foobar? I don't think that that's desirable.

Our current scheme tries its hardest to avoid Individual UID changes in
this case, and should do reasonably well, though we can't guarantee it.

After a very long discussion of it at the contacts hackfest last year,
we came to several conclusions, which included the idea that it's more
important for an Individual to come up with a consistent UID across
multiple applications and systems (given the same Personas) than it is
for it to be unchanging on a single system.

See the comments and code here:


> Right... The thing is 2 apps must have the same id for the individual,
> so if the id is not decided from a common DB it must be decided based on
> the persona id. What about:
> - When the individual has just one persona, it uses a hash of its
> persona id (that's what folks currently does).
> - When we merge other personas into that individual, instead of creating
> a new uuid, we can just keep its current id and write it in the DB.

See the reasoning above.

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