[Telepathy] Announce: KTp-0.6.0

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Tue Apr 9 08:09:57 PDT 2013

We've released 0.6.0 of KTp, KDE's IM client based on Telepathy

It's progressing awesomely, a more graphical changelog and news
article can be found at:


Crash Fixes
305363: Crash When Denying Contact
307899: Crash after re-adding an ICQ contact
308559: ktp-contactlist segfaulted while moving contact into other group
315335: Contacts not being removed on disconnection, causes duplicate
contacts in contact-list
315786: Contact plasmoid crashes when opening settings
293716: KCM Telepathy Accounts crashed when removing an old account

Bug Fixes
316260: The weird horizontal scrollbar bug
284930: Return better display names from profiles/plugins
316089: Contacts count is elided with account display name
293984: Plasma Chat popup should be always on top and close when it loses focus
280304: Can't configure account
282218: Screwed up Group Models when moving contracts to groups if
they already exist in two groups
291719: Missing profile for gadu-gadu protocol
292282: Custom presence widget hides the spinning widget
294369: Telepathy/KDE XMPP component allows connections with
certificate errors when require-encryption is disabled
294371: Telepathy/KDE XMPP component should report certificate details
on certificate errors
294478: When offline, add contact SNI should be hidden
296929: Chat plasmoid should be keyboard friendly
303264: Add shortcut to show/hide offline contacts
304020: Come up with a standardised less-rubbish way of setting versions
304094: Moving users between groups using mouse drag is difficult as
contact list does not scroll
304095: Some of the contact groups open in a collapsed state
304846: Compile warnings about deprecated tp_account_prepare_async
304856: Telepathy-logger-qt should install a TelepathyLoggerQtConfig.cmake file
305762: Provide option to clear logs
306650: Notifications are emitted for backlog messages
307212: Make dependency on telepathy-logger-qt mandatory
308128: Quick chat plasmoid "close button" minimize size of plasmoid
308290: Contact not sorted by status
308913: Misleading icon on notification when denying authorization
309956: Logviewer search is not helpful, does not show dates that match
312756: ConversationQueManager. Que is always Queue
312957: kcm crashes when general tab is accessed
313381: Add option to configure notifications in the main menu.
314186: wrong presence displayed when more that one tab is opened
315446: Drop WLM from first wizard page
315787: It's not possible to drag contacts when grouped by accounts
315939: offline users do not have avatar
316004: ktp-text-ui setting "Open new conversations:" only applies
after restarting
316090: Display name does not take the available size correctly when elided
316109: monochrome avatars for offline have bad quality
316175: Notifications are emitted for messages sent before the text-ui
316201: Missing Message.sh file
316308: Set cmake_policy(SET CMP0002 OLD) on all projects
316529: Join chat room dialog blocks Plasma
317118: krunner does not show all available actions for a contact
317214: Crash accepting kwhiteboard tube
317671: Default behaviour mode for opening new chats has changed
288502: Cannot connect to password protected Jabber conferences.

New Features
265315: Handle Channel.Type.ServerTLSConnection
296169: Show presence change notifications
246014: Kopete Chat log migration
279049: Allow setting per user notifications
282713: Support for highlighted message in multi user chat
288557: Support multiple file transfer sending from send-file
291703: Simkete theme needs to support message highlights.
291707: Group chat window should show 'Typing...' indicator per chat member
291709: Add nick/tab completion to group chat
292396: Add "Settings" items to QMenuBar so it can be exported via dbusmenu
292480: Text to speech for received messages
294991: open/close (show/hide) contactlist from presence applet
298030: Telepathy/KDE should show contact's account type in contact list
298319: Chat window does not provide a method to clear the chat window content
301323: Contact list plasmoid cannot be embedded in a panel
302005: Add a menu to select smileys
303648: add navigation in message box
304135: Add context menu and action icon for log viewing to contact list
308124: Quick chat plasmoid shortcut doesn't open chat window
308133: Option to add user custom notification
310982: add customiser for how many lines of history to be loaded in chat
311859: Show typing icon in tabbar and window title
314946: add zoom in/out using ctrl + wheel
316573: Turn off status messages in group chats
293207: JJ: Add "Join Chat Room" button to the presence applet
287399: JJ: Chat is very verbose - provide a way to turn the
presence-changes messages off
301331: Use .desktop files to describe "tube" services
303565: Needs a filter to search through the tonne of debug
306853: Provide a GUI way to reset the "go offline, don't ask me again" setting
315541: Add opacity to account icons in the delegate

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