[Telepathy] VoIP / RTC in GSoC with Debian

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Thu Apr 11 02:37:10 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Debian's application to Google Summer of Code 2013 includes a project
area for expanding the RTC eco-system in Debian[1].  Given the nature of
RTC and the need for interoperability, this naturally has benefits for
upstream projects like Empathy.

I'm really keen to find potential co-mentors from the Empathy team who
would be able to help in the selection and mentoring of students in this

Some particular objectives we need to keep in mind:
- it must be a coding project
- as it is under the Debian GSoC application, each student project must
demonstrate some benefit to Debian.  As Empathy is the default RTC
client in Debian, this should not be too hard to justify.

Some possible Empathy-related things that come to mind:
- integration with alternative TURN servers for better NAT traversal
- convenient/integrated provisioning along with regular UNIX or mail
- improving security and resilience against VoIP spam in a
federated/public network
- click-to-dial from other applications in a Debian Linux desktop,
including things like ENUM resolution
- developing unit tests or continuous-integration methods for testing
against other components in the Debian environment (e.g. Debian's SIP
and XMPP servers)

If anybody would like to help as a co-mentor, or by promoting this
opportunity to other co-mentors or potential GSoC students, please get
in touch with me.




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