[Telepathy] Error making a call with telepathy-farstream

Sébastien caron scaron at aldebaran-robotics.com
Wed Aug 21 08:39:08 PDT 2013


I am having some troubles making a call with fastream. The signal handling
is done like this :

When i get my channel with *tf_new_channel_async*, I connect on the callback
 "fs-conference-added", "fs-conference-removed", "content-added" and
"closed" signals (for TfChannel object).

On the content-added callback, i connect "src-pad-added" and
"start-sending" signals (for TfContent object).

On the src-pad-added CB, i configure codecs and apply them to the stream
with "fs-stream-set-remote-codecs", add elements to the pipeline, link it
and play it.

But whatever it seems it never enter on the src-pad-added CB,
telepathy-gabble is crashing before, and I got this error message :
tf_stream_error: stream error errorno=7 error=add_remote_candidate not
defined in stream transmitter class*

I cant find what it means or what I did wrong, i dont even use the

Do I use signals in a wrong way, or maybe other signals are needed ?


Sébastien CARON
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