[Telepathy] Announce: telepathy-gabble 0.17.4

Brian Pepple bpepple at fedoraproject.org
Fri May 31 06:20:24 PDT 2013

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 6:58 AM, Simon McVittie
<simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk> wrote:
> On 31/05/13 01:06, Brian Pepple wrote:
>>> tarball:
>>> http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-gabble/telepathy-gabble-0.17.4.tar.gz
>>> signature:
>>> http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-gabble/telepathy-gabble-0.17.4.tar.gz.asc
>> The tarball doesn't appear to have been uploaded yet.
> Oops, fixed now.

Looks like you uploaded it to the /releases directory, instead of the
tp-gabble directory by accident. ;-)

Brian Pepple <bpepple at fedoraproject.org>

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