[Telepathy] Announcing Telepathy 0.99.10

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 12:59:10 PDT 2014

The “you and whose army?” release. This is another snapshot of
Telepathy 1.0: as before, it is incompatible with earlier snapshots, and
probably still incompatible with 1.0 too.

telepathy-spec has not changed since 0.99.8 (so I didn't bother doing a
new release) but the C/GLib API has changed significantly.

New tarball snapshots:

(includes Tp-Logger and Tp-Farstream)

For GPG signatures, add ".asc" to the end of those URLs.

Matching snapshots of projects outside Telepathy (all reviewed, except
for gnome-contacts):

* Folks commit 720214d7
* telepathy-account-widgets commit 8e3f1e91
* Empathy commit 529cd04c
* gnome-contacts patched according to

For the extremely adventurous, Debian packages (excluding Salut, Rakia,
Haze for now) are available in
<http://people.collabora.com/~smcv/telepathy-1/>. I'll look into getting
some of these into Debian experimental.

See below for the telepathy-glib NEWS.



API breaks:

• telepathy-glib now uses GDBus' G_BUS_TYPE_SESSION, not
  libdbus/dbus-glib's DBUS_BUS_STARTER, as its D-Bus connection:

  · every function that previously involved a dbus-glib
    DBusGMethodInvocation now uses a GDBus GDBusMethodInvocation
  · public headers do not include <dbus/dbus-glib.h>
  · D-Bus errors will now come from the G_IO_ERROR and G_DBUS_ERROR
  · object implementors need to be more careful to register well-known
    objects at their documented object-paths *before* requesting the
    corresponding bus names
  · TP_DBUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_REMOTE_ERROR has been replaced by
  · TpProxy::interface-added, dbus-glib signals marshallers,
    and the _init_known_interfaces() family of functions are no longer
    required or implemented

  However, dbus-glib's "specialized type" system is still used in the
  public API, for now.

  (fd.o #28782, Simon)

• The "factory" construct-time property for all TpProxy subclasses is
  now mandatory:

  · tp_account_manager_set_default() and
    have been removed, use tp_client_factory_set_default(),
    tp_client_factory_can_set_default() and tp_client_factory_dup()
  · tp_account_manager_new() and tp_account_manager_new_with_factory()
    have been removed, use tp_client_factory_dup_account_manager()
    instead. tp_account_manager_dup() still exists, and is now
    equivalent to calling tp_client_factory_dup_account_manager() on
    the result of tp_client_factory_dup().
  · tp_channel_dispatcher_new() has been removed, use
    tp_client_factory_dup_channel_dispatcher() instead.
  · tp_connection_manager_new() has been removed, use
    tp_client_factory_ensure_connection_manager() instead.

  (fd.o #76828; Xavier, Simon)

• TpDBusDaemon has been replaced by TpClientFactory or GDBusConnection,
  depending on context. (fd.o #76828; Xavier, Simon)

• The "-core" shared library has gone away, and some functionality that
  primarily used dbus-glib types (tp_asv_*, tp_g_value_slice_*,
  tp_value_array_*) has moved into telepathy-glib-1-dbus. (fd.o #76855,

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