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Jacky Alciné yo at jacky.wtf
Tue Aug 18 22:49:42 PDT 2015

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015 04:59:12 PM Diane Trout wrote:
> Hello,
> I know Gnome deprecated telepathy-python, but after needing to write a quick
> connection manager and really liking python I decided to try and update it
> for the current telepathy sepc.
> My current progress is at:
> https://github.com/detrout/telepathy-python
> Mostly I've made sure it works with python3, though there have been a few
> other minor updates.
> Some of the changes I've thought about doing more long term:
> python3 has abstract base classes, perhaps the interface classes should use
> that instead of just running "raise NotImplemented" in all the _generated
> code
> I'm pretty sure I can replace the implementation of
> telepathy.server.Connection.GetInterfaces with introspecting on
> .__class__.__bases__ and thus remove the need for the generated code to
> have an __init__ function. (Which will hopefully make it safer to use
> super())
> Also I really want to change the API to look more like this:
> from telepathy.Connection.Interface import Contacts
> class MyContacts(Contacts):
>     @Contacts.method(sender_keyword='sender')
>     def GetContactAttribute(self, handles, interfaces, hold, sender):
>         pass
> instead of
> import telepathy
> class MyContacts(telepathy.server.ConnectionInterfaceContacts):
>     @dbus.service.method(
>         dbus_interface=telepathy.CONNECTION_INTERFACE_CONTACT_CAPABILITIES,
>         in_signature="au"
>         out_signature="a{ua(a({sv}as)}",
>         sender_keyword='sender')
>     def GetContactAttributes(self, handles,interfaces, hold, sender)
> Though it might need to be
> from telepathy.connection.interface.contacts import Contacts
> and I'm not completely sure if hiding the dbus type signature is a good
> idea.
> Also I'd like to modify the setup.py script to use lxml to do the xslt
> transformation instead of using autotools & xsltproc.
> I was thinking of trying to make this version of telepathy-python more
> closely track the TelepathyQt version (since the official glib way is to
> use gi.repository version)
> And lastly python has some really nice documentation tools so it might be
> generally useful to try and create documentation
> Diane
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This is awesome. I’ve been looking for an easier way to add more messaging 
platforms for Telepathy (like Slack and GroupMe).
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