[Telepathy] TURN servers in Empathy

Dominik George dominik.george at teckids.org
Sat Jan 24 11:04:14 PST 2015


I cannot seem to establish calls in Empathy through XMPP/Jingle and our
TURN server.

I found rumours here [1] that Empathy/Telepathy is using some Google
relay server instead.

While this would, due to firewall policies, explain why calls cannot be
established, above all I'd like to inquire whether that's true or not.
Are all media streams routed through Google, and is there no option to
change that?

If not, what do I have to do to make Empathy use the TURN relay on our
Jabber server?


Dominik George (1. Vorstandsvorsitzender, Pädagogischer Leiter)
Teckids e.V. - Erkunden, Entdecken, Erfinden.

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