[Telepathy] implementation of new XEP's

Steven Roose stevenroose at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 07:25:40 PDT 2015

Hi everyone

I'd like to know if Telepathy is still maintained. There are some new XEP's
published the last two years and Telepathy didn't implement any of them.

Especially Message Carbons (XERP-0280) and Message Archive Management
(XEP-0313). This XEPs make Jabber a lot more usable in a multi-device
situation. With the advent and popularity of mobile devices, it is quite a
must to have.

Since several Jabber clients are implemented using Telepathy, their
developers are waiting for Telepathy to implement the standards in order to
be able to support this features in their own products.

Hopefully this triggers someone to take a look at the new standard
documents and take some time to implement them. They really take the
quality of using Jabber to a higher level!
Myself, I'm not familiar with the Telepathy code, but I'd be happy to help
by pointing to some existing implementations of the new standards.

Thanks in advance

Steven Roose
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